About me

Hi! So nice meeting you here, my name is Tabea.

My husband and I have been married since 2017, had our first baby, a son in 2018 (c-section), our second child, a daughter in 2020 (VBAC), and our third one, a next daughter in 2022 (VBAC again). I love our family and am super grateful for all the small and big moments we get to share every day.

Originally from Switzerland, English is my third language after German and French. I grew up with two younger siblings in a small town in the beautiful Swiss countryside.

I am a registered nurse. Being educated and working in healthcare has given me confidence during my pregnancies and even as a mom now. It also opened up many opportunities for me to use my knowledge and skills far beyond my work life.

I am passionate about everything concerning pregnancy, birth, babies, and motherhood. Becoming a mom myself has been one of life’s greatest adventures. It has come with great joys and also with new challenges.

On this website I share helpful tips, inspiration, and information as well as personal experience. Let´s build a community of moms learning and growing together.

I believe, if you are a mom, it is one of the most important roles in your life. The impact you have on your children (starting during pregnancy) is bigger than you will ever know. Be encouraged and inspired to become the best version of the mom who only you can be to your kids.

Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions, feedback or just want to say hi. I would love to be in touch!

Much love, Tabea

new mom holding her newborn baby