Smiling pregnant woman

Pregnancy is such a special time in life.

While many women love and treasure the 9 months, others are more than happy when it’s over.

It can be challenging, and it is (literally!) a stretching time. But, it’s the start of motherhood, and besides preparing for birth and life with a baby, it’s essential to take time and look after yourself as well.

It all starts with that positive pregnancy test. Due to early signs of pregnancy, some women even know before their missed period. Some find out soon after and have to deal with nausea. Every pregnancy is different, though, and the focus should be on your individual needs during that time. Get help where you need it, make sure to have mental support, and these top 10 pregnancy essentials for mom.

Here you also find the first trimester, second trimester and third trimester checklists to help you stay healthy, safe, and organized during your pregnancy.

You are doing a great job growing your little one, mommy! Enjoy this time of being one as much as you can. Soon you will get to hold your baby in your arms!

Much love from

myMommyHeart to yours!

Pregnancy hacks for nausea – how to beat morning sickness

pregnancy hacks against morning sickness

Best tips against morning sickness and general pregnancy nausea Especially during the first weeks after fertilization, many mommies-to-be complain of feeling unwell. Unfortunately, four out of five women suffer from nausea in their first three months of pregnancy. For many, it is the first symptom to experience after having conceived. Maybe you are pregnant and

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