Mom holding her baby

Motherhood is such a gift.

It comes with great joy and responsibility, and it’s worth every second with the child.

I was lucky enough to come off birth control and get pregnant straight away with my first baby. However, I am well aware that that’s not at all the case for everybody. If you are still trying to conceive and dream of having your own baby, don’t give up; there is always hope!

Motherhood then officially starts during pregnancy. Many women already develop a close bond with their little one, and preparing for birth and the baby’s arrival is exciting.

Then, the day comes, and the baby is here. That’s when as moms, we have to find our new identity and role in motherhood. It’s a beautiful journey, and as we take care of our babies day by day, we also learn and grow with them.

However, in the midst of all, we also need to be aware of our own needs. Check out these super simple ideas on taking small daily mom breaks to be the best mom we can be to our children.

Always remember: motherhood is a journey, and the learning curve is never-ending. You are doing your best, and your children will know. Don’t worry about being perfect, be authentic, and your kids will benefit from you as their mommy the most.

Rooting for you! Much love from

myMommyHeart to yours!